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Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Paintless Dent Repair is a modern dent repair technique that significantly reduces the time and cost of repairing a dent compared to traditional panel beating.

With PDR, you can maintain your car’s resale value and appearance by keeping the originality of your paint.


Depending on the damage location, severity and access to panel, our technicians go through the following processes:


Armed with expert knowledge of the vehicle and an extensive set of tools, the technician pushes the dent from behind the panel – flattening the dent and getting it ready for refinement.

Glue Pull

If the dent cannot be reached from behind, a handle is attached to it with a specialised adhesive and pulled out. This technique is best performed on original paint.


Sets the professionals apart from the amateurs. With an extensive array of hammers and knockdowns, the technician gently smooths and blends the repair, creating a seamless finish.

What We Can Fix

No job is too big or small for us at QBDentFree. 

Here are some of the more common scenarios we attend to:

Door Dings

Light Impacts

Hail Damage

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does PDR cost?2020-09-06T13:29:51+00:00

As each dent is different, we do not operate using fixed “per panel” pricing.

Our system takes into account the size, depth & location of the damage, as well as the material of the panel and several other factors. This ensures you are given the most accurate pricing.

All quotes are free with no obligation to book the job, so a simple phone call is usually the best option to get an idea of costs.

How long do the repairs take?2020-09-06T13:30:19+00:00

Most normal “door dings” can be completed within an hour or two.
Hail damage or minor collision damage may take up to a couple days to complete.
We’ll give you an estimate of time needed when quoting your damage.

What if the paint has been damaged?2020-09-06T13:31:32+00:00

If your paint is damaged from the impact, we can usually still remove the dent, but we do not offer a touch-up or re-spraying service.
In these cases, we can refer you to a spray painter if required.
When quoting your damage, we will let you know what (if any) paint marks will remain after the dent has been removed.

Are there any dents that can’t be removed using Paintless Dent Repair?2020-09-06T13:32:06+00:00

Our biggest limitation is the amount of “stretch” in the metal caused by the impact. Extremely deep dents may be too stretched to be removed 100% using PDR.
This can occur in tiny door dings as well as in large collision damage, and is largely dependent on the steel used by the manufacturer.
Even if other companies have said it can’t be done, there is a good chance we will have a solution for you.
The safest option is to get in contact and ask if your damage is a candidate for PDR.

Why should I choose QB Dent Free2020-09-06T14:00:07+00:00

Simply put – we’re “car people” first, driven by passion rather than profit.

The satisfaction of standing back and looking at a completed dent that the competition said couldn’t be done, or even a simple job that we know couldn’t possibly have been done to a higher standard, is what we crave.

We steer clear of high-volume car dealers, and refuse to “chase hail” in search of greater profits. This forces us to keep our standards high on every job, as well as keeping us here when and where you need us.

Do you offer a mobile service?2020-09-20T13:56:13+00:00

Yes, we do! We can come to your home or office and save you the hassle of coming to our workshop.



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