Hail Damage Repair

No one wants to be caught in a hail storm, or deal with the aftermath – especially when it comes to damage across your property or vehicle.

That’s why our team of local, Melbourne Paintless Dent Removal experts are here to help.

The QB Difference

Our job is to quickly and efficiently assess and repair your vehicle so you can spend less time off the road and more time enjoying your car.

We deal with insurance repairers directly to offer you peace of mind and a hands-off experience.

As Paintless Dent Repair specialists, our priority is preserving and reviving your vehicles factory finish – not to cut corners hiding dents underneath fillers or additional layers of paint. A properly repaired hail damaged vehicle should leave no sign the dents were ever there, and this is the level of finish we strive for on every vehicle.


Our PDR technicians are highly responsive and available for quotations and inspections.  We can accurately assess and quote for repairs with ease. The use of specialised lighting throughout the quoting and repair processes ensures we pick up every tiny blemish around your car.

If your insurance company offers choice of repairer, all you have to do is nominate us and provide your claim number – we’ll do the rest! All it takes is a simple email to get started!


Once assessed, book in your car for repairs and let us do our magic!

Our local dent removal experts are ready to jump into action as soon as the hail has finished falling, and in the event of a more severe or widespread storm, we can call on our global repair network to ensure we are getting you back on the road ASAP.
Don’t worry – we aren’t going anywhere once the hail repairs are done – you’ll always be able to reach us for any follow-up enquiries!


We guarantee our workmanship and ensure that you’ll receive your car in pre-accident condition.
Every completed vehicle is covered by our lifetime repair warranty, and we’ll be right here should you need it.

Enjoy and drive with confidence, knowing your vehicle has been repaired with utmost care and attention by the best PDR Technicians in the business.

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