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Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Paintless Dent Repair is a modern dent repair technique that significantly reduces the time and cost of repairing a dent compared to traditional panel beating.

Rather than roughing out the damage with a hammer & dolly, then grinding off the paint and hiding the imperfections underneath a layer of plastic filler, our PDR Technicians can gently manipulate the metal back into it’s original form without marking the paint surface. 

With Paintless Dent Repair, you can maintain your cars resale value and appearance by keeping the originality of your paint.


Depending on the damage location, severity and access to panel, our technicians go through the following processes:


Our Technician’s “Plan A” is usually to gently massage the dent out from behind the panel. Armed with expert knowledge of the vehicle and an extensive set of unique and specialised tools, the technician pushes the dent, usually hundreds or even of thousands of times – flattening the dent and getting it ready for refinement.

Glue Pull

If the dent cannot be reached from behind, our Paintless Dent Repair Technicians can switch to a “glue-pulling” approach.
Using the latest in GPR tools and technology, plastic tabs can be glued to the paint surface, before being pulled by an array of attachments. As there is limited ability to “finesse” the damage using this approach, further refinement is usually needed


Refinement is the most time consuming part of any repair. Once the bulk of the metal has been re-sculpted, the technician gently smooths and blends the repair. Using a collection of highly polished and customised hammers and knockdowns creates a seamless surface, maintaining the factory finish right down to the “orange peel” paint texture

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does PDR cost?2023-03-01T06:31:46+00:00

Each dent is unique, and is priced according to an industry standard “matrix”

Our quoting system takes into account the size, depth & location of the damage, as well as the material of the panel and several other factors.

A very basic door dent repair might cost $150, while a severely hail damaged roof can end up costing a couple of thousand dollars.

All quotes are free with no obligation to book the repair, so a simple phone call (0390594064) is usually the best option to get an idea of costs.

For an exact, written quote, drop in and see us at 4/34 Rushdale St, Knoxfield

How long do the repairs take?2023-03-01T06:38:53+00:00

Most normal “door dents” can be completely removed within an hour or two, while larger dents or minor collision damage might take all day, or even a couple of days before we’re happy with the finished product.
Hail repairs can vary from a single day out to about a week for severe damage.
We’ll give you an estimate of time needed when quoting your damage. The key to paintless dent repair is time – allowing our Technicians plenty of time to perfect every repair means everyone leaves happy!

We like to stay available for small repairs at very short notice – even same day when we can – while there might be a lead time of around a week for larger repairs or hail damaged cars.

What if the paint has been damaged?2023-03-01T06:05:53+00:00

If your paint is scratched, chipped or cracked from the impact, we can usually still remove the dent. The paint damage will not usually get worse during the repair, but we will discuss the risks at the time of quoting.
If required, we can supply touch-up paint matched to your vehicles colour code, or refer you to a spray painter to refinish the panel.
These paint decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, and we’ll happily discuss (ContactUs)the pro’s and con’s of each option. It may even be that paintless dent repair isn’t the best solution – in these cases we’ll refer you to someone who will be able to offer an alternative repair process.

Are there any dents that can’t be removed using Paintless Dent Repair?2023-03-01T06:22:50+00:00

Our biggest limitation is the amount of “stretch” in the metal caused by the impact. Extremely deep dents may be too stretched to be removed 100% using PDR, but with improving technology in this area, we are continually impressing even ourselves.
Stretched metal can occur in tiny door dings as well as in large collision damage, and is largely dependent on the steel used by the manufacturer. There is no such thing as a dent that’s simply too “large” or too “small” for paintless dent removal.

Even if the paint has been damaged by the impact, we can usually still repair the dent for you.

We have such faith in the skills of our technicians, that we can even repair damage that other paintless dent repair companies have said are “too hard” or can’t be done.

The safest option is to get in contact and ask if your damage is a candidate for PDR.

Why should I choose QB Dent Free2020-09-06T14:00:07+00:00

Simply put – we’re “car people” first, driven by passion rather than profit.

The satisfaction of standing back and looking at a completed dent that the competition said couldn’t be done, or even a simple job that we know couldn’t possibly have been done to a higher standard, is what we crave.

We steer clear of high-volume car dealers, and refuse to “chase hail” in search of greater profits. This forces us to keep our standards high on every job, as well as keeping us here when and where you need us.

Do you offer a mobile service?2023-11-14T03:51:02+00:00

Unfortunately not. It is very tricky to try to produce consistent repairs when we aren’t working in consistent conditions. Poor working conditions not only add to the repair time (and cost), but can also prevent us from completing the repair to a standard we’d be proud to put our name to.
If mobile repairs are a deal-breaker for you, we can recommend an alternative repairer from our extensive network around Melbourne.

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